October Benevolent Beauty Box

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Benevolent Beauty VIP Box October 2016 Tat2u Modish Polish LaRitzy Ardency Inn Maracuja Oil
Imo, Benevolent Beauty Box is the best makeup box on the market, and it's definitely the best cruelty-free box I've ever seen. That being said, this is my favorite Benevolent Beauty Box yet. It's the last box of my 6 month purchase, and though I'm having to cancel for now, I really hate to do so after such a seasonally perfect box. This is a $30 monthly box and is the VIP version. Benevolent Beauty also offers a mini box with 2 or 3 items for $15(?) a month.


  • Ardency Inn Eyes Like Fire Shadow in Punker, RV $21. It has a brush applicator that takes quite awhile to click up, so I may have overdone it a bit. I find the black cream too pigmented and thick to feel comfortable with, but I still think it's cool and good quality. Reviews on Sephora say it's great for creating a smoky eye, but I'm way too intimidated to try. Maybe for Halloween? 
  • LaRitzy Eyeshadow in shade Iced Malted, RV $16. In contrast to the Ardency Inn eyeshadow, I think this one is perfectly wearable and had decent payoff in one swipe. I wore it to work today and it never creased or smudged. I'm glad to receive a LaRitzy product; they used to curate a monthly cruelty-free beauty box, but recently switched to sending out only their own products. This makes me less afraid of giving that a try :)
  • Medusa's Makeup Maracuja Oil, RV $14. I've used tarte's maracuja oil & liked it on my skin, so I'm happy to receive this. It can be used as a moisturizer or as a hair oil. 
  • Modish Polish Nail Polish in shade "No Time for Bullshit", RV $12. This is a 5 free polish in my ideal neutral shade with a title that I think is really fun - the tagline reads "No time for bullshit when you're building an empire." Love.
  • Tat2u Makeup Matte Lipstick in shade "New Generation", RV $16. This is the Fall plummy wine shade I wanted the tre'Stique Belize Bordeaux to be (from this month's Ipsy).
  • Tat2u Makeup Lip Pencil in shade "Hyper", RV $14. Not a perfect match for the lipstick, but I like the slightly 90's contrast. Super happy to receive richer/darker lip shades this time of year rather than the the pink or orange-reds subscription boxes seem to love. 

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