Waking Up in January

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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There are few things more definitively "me" than kicking off the New Year midway through January. I went to Disney World with my family over the holidays and celebrated New Year's Eve with a 103° temperature, so coming back to Nashville greeted with a heavy workload and immediately starting school was a little overwhelming.

So, on the 17th of January, I'd like to say Happy New Year! :)

Life Right Now:

Additionally, I was inspired Nicole @ writes like a girl to make "small goals" rather than huge resolutions this year. I do have some travel, school, and work-related resolutions, but I love the idea of breaking it down into monthly surmountable tasks. So without further ado... 

January Small Goals: 
  • Use food delivery no more than 5 times. I'm already at 2 Postmates orders for the month, and my Postmates Plus account expires in February, so here's hoping that I can kick my food delivery habit. 
  • Exercise more & don't cancel classes I sign up for just from chickening out -- I went to a reformer Pilates class last week that kicked my butt so badly, the instructor was continuously lowering my weights :(
  • Start reading before bed instead of scrolling my phone
  • Finish homework ASAP/don't procrastinate & get overwhelmed/no days off from code
  • Order plane tickets/plan trip for 2017 -- whether I go with James or by myself (or both!) is up in the air right now

Some personal motivation of places to see this year. 

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