February Small Goals

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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So February is here, and I feel .... relieved? I view the past month in a positive light, but there were a lot of stressors and I feel accomplished at having simply made it to February. Let's all hope that those emotions aren't a forecast of what we can expect in 2017 (though with our current President .......).

How did I do on my January Small Goals?
  • Use food delivery no more than 5 times. | This one went pretty well. I think I used Postmates exactly 5 times, but I got a bit better at actually going grocery shopping and at saying "no" when I saw those delivery fees pop up. 
  • Exercise more & don't cancel classes I sign up for just from chickening out | Well... I didn't cancel any more classes because I didn't sign up for any more classes! I got busy and unfortunately, fitness fell to the wayside in my attempts to balance work and school.
  • Start reading before bed instead of scrolling my phone | I got a little better about this, though I definitely haven't broken the habit. I bought a few books for this month so hopefully I can get really invested in something & have that "can't put it down" feeling again. 
  • Finish homework ASAP/don't procrastinate & get overwhelmed/no days off from code | Eh, I'm in a better head space now than I was at this point in the semester last year, and I'm better about time management, but I have already missed a day or two of coding and I didn't perfect a couple of assignments before moving on to new projects.
  • Order plane tickets/plan trip for 2017 | Okay, THIS I have accomplished! James and I bought tickets to go to Montreal in August and I've booked a hotel in Aruba for early November! 
So, what am I going to aim for in February? Staying alive, for one, but also ... 
  • Low-buy/No-buy of makeup and clothes | I have spent a truly exorbitant amount of money this week and I spent more than I should've in January. Our new pay structure at work makes me feel like I have a lot more money than I actually do, so I have to be more responsible about sticking to my budget. You'll see a lot of subscription box posts this month and I may post about some of the things I bought in January, but I am going to really try to talk myself out of every single frivolous purchase.
  • Make time to exercise | I'm constantly working or at school or study groups or rushing home to spend time with my dog or my boyfriend or my sister and trying to juggle basic house maintenance/cleanliness in between it all. I have no idea where to find that spare hour, but I need to. 
  • Pack my lunch | One of my favorite ways to throw my money away is to eat it. I'm a lazy schmuck when it comes to cooking or even throwing together a sandwich, so I'm often defaulting to eating out or ordering in. I have to cut it out! It's a waste of money and it's making me gain a heck of a lot of weight.
  • Finish a book | I haven't decided which one yet, but I'd like to finish an actual, tangible book. I listen to audiobooks often but I've been working on the same (800+ pg) paperback for over a year now, which is really unlike me, so I want to surmount that. 

currently reading: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
currently watching: finally finishing season 12 of Grey's Anatomy
currently listening: Honestly? This, every day at work for the past week

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