How to Know Your Makeup Obsession Has Gone Too Far

Monday, April 3, 2017

I was recently inspired (primarily by the Makeup Rehab subreddit and the Anti-Haul blog) to take inventory of my beauty products as a way to assess what I actually need and what I simply want to purchase out of impulse, because it's shiny and new and temporarily exciting. The "inventory" process took me a couple of weeks here and there, but guess what ... I finished taking stock, and it turns out that I have over 230 makeup items in my possession.

You read that right. Over 230.

If you're so inclined, check out my relatively organized inventory. Since I have so. much. stuff. I'm considering writing reviews as I use products up as a way to motivate myself to shop my own collection. I truly don't need another thing! While I've never hit VIB Rouge at Sephora, I do (clearly) spend way too much money on makeup that I could be spending on travel or student loan payments or literally anything other than more makeup I don't need.

I have a few goals to work toward:

  • Don't purchase a new product unless it fills a truly empty void or I've used up/destashed the product it's most similar to. 
  • Focus on using up products I already own (a.k.a. "Project Pan") - I'd like to pan 5 items completely before I purchase anything else
  • Finish my current lip hoarder project (where I have to wear every lip color in my collection once before I'm allowed to repeat). Check out posts here and here.
  • Don't hold on to products that don't work for me (be it because of the shade or formula, whatever) - it's not going to magically improve! 
  • Pay attention to the products I use & make notes on them; I'm bad about wearing things and not paying attention to how they wear throughout the day unless they're dramatically bad. I want to improve on that in order to be better informed for future purchases.

Wish me luck!


  1. Ok I am seriouslyyyy impressed that you did this (it was also fascinating to look through!) and as I considered doing this myself, I just felt like there's NO way because I literally have products (mostly lip stuff) stashed e v e r y w h e r e. LIke, in every single purse and drawer I own. Did you hunt everything down before you made your list? Did you only include full-size products? Tell me everything! I would love to do this! Well, love, and also probably be alarmed.

    Priya the Blog

    1. SO I have (maybe obviously? maybe not so obviously?) not updated that spreadsheets in months, and I've done some major clean outs but also some major acquiring since then. I've stopped keeping it up-to-date because I started managing my "vanity" through Temptalia's web app. I prefer doing it there because I can also keep a wishlist, check out her reviews on everything, and compare what I have in my collection to the items on my wishlist to make sure I'm not getting more dupes. She also allows you to filter by, like, brand or type of product or color. The only drawback is that I can't find some items - like Julep or Kylie products. Check out my current collection here.


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